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Message Subject How to get over a soul connection, when they are already dating someone else? (Soul Connection Experience Preferred)
Poster Handle mk ultra
Post Content

You think I want to feel this way? You think I want and desire to feel this way? I DON'T WANT TO! I wish I could move on, but it keeps biting me in the butt. I hate being this mopey hopeless romantic. :(
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24512322

It sounds to me as though you're infatuated with him because you can't have him. I bet, that if you actually got with him, you'd soon get very bored and dump him because the chase is over and no more challenge and excitement... happens all the time.

It sounds to me like he was a good challenge, hence the reason why you're so hung up on him now. He knows how to play women and get them obsessing over him.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 994379

I don't get that sense at all. The clues are in the OP's posts, especially the first one.
 Quoting: Life and Love

Women and their hair trigger emotions... so easy to manipulate. This guy knows it and gets off on it. Toughen up OP, or you'll keep getting manipulated and taken advantage of by predatory narcissistic men.

See this as a lesson to learn from.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 994379

Most people are more addicted to the actual 'chase'. Couple that with the fact the dude has a gf and OP feels even more of a 'rush' to 'win'.

This never plays out well, OP. Once you get him, you will tire of him fast, since what you crave is the hunt and the win.

then you leave a wake of destruction in your path by splitting up a couple.

guaranteed if he was single he wouldn't seem so attractive. some people are drawn to people in relationships for reasons hidden on much deeper levels.

what goes around comes around. Be a friend to him, but if he is in a serious relationship, show some respect. how would you feel if some ho was making the moves on your bf?
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