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Message Subject I just had the most disturbing dream. Something very tragic is about the happen.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The dream didn't last very long.

In the dream, there were hundreds and hundreds of people standing around. Those who weren't standing around were digging these super huge holes in the ground. The holes were very deep and very wide. Inside the holes were single people, married people, young people, elderly people and people from all walks of life - all digging these holes.

What troubled me more than anything is the fact that hundreds of people were waiting for these holes to be completed. It was almost like they were waiting to be put inside of them.

In the dream, I was only walking around looking at these people, these holes and their unconsciousness of the danger of these holes. I never had any conversation with them but it was very clear that the people were very well educated, professional and well groomed. They had their children with them, often holding hands, in wait for these holes to be completed.

I had a dog with me and I remember someone telling me to be careful so that the dog would not fall inside the holes, but yet, it was like they were waiting to go inside themselves. Why would they be more concerned about the dog falling inside the hole than themselves?

One other thing that I will not go into much detail about - most of the people were of a specific race. I don't want to mention the race. I just want to see if someone can help me understand the dream itself.

Whatever it is, I know it's bad and I also know that the people standing around - regardless of how intelligent or educated they were - they were like sheep waiting...

I've had dreams and visions before that have come true. Both my mother and I have this gift. This dream, however, is the only one that is left for me to figure out. All the other dreams have been much more clear.

Any thoughts GLP?
 Quoting: The Dreamer 20936589

It means they were all PXTARDS digging trenches in prep for the pole shift as per Nancys instructions..

The dead giveaway for that is the fear ya dog might fall in..cause if it did it would have been eaten.

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