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Message Subject Obama Is Your President . He Is Our Leader.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Accept it. White Males were over ruled and Obama is President. Blacks and Hispanics as well as single Women made the difference.

Hillary Clinton will Be the next President.Accept it. Republicans offer nothing to America but division and hateful resentment..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11045904

I think you left out A LOT.

Obama is a Bilderberger and it has NOTHING to do with male/female or black/white/red/brown or yellow as you ignorantly put it.

Obama and Romney and YES...you mentioned Hillary (much like her husband) are ALL Bilderbergers.

THEY and they along decide...not you..not me. They do not even like you and in fact DESPISE you and me regardless of our gender, skin color, country of origin, religion/non-religion or socio-economic status. THEY have made it clear through the Georgia Guidestones and Agenda 21 what they are going to do.

SO....it is NOT OBAMA that is president, but the BILDERBERGERS and along with Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, MONSANTO, Tri-Lateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations thy set the agenda. THEIR agenda is DEPOPULATION and AGENDA 21. Their agenda is to complete the other unions and merge them all into one.

The last REAL president was MURDERED and it was Kennedy. Reagan started to slip up and was SHOT TWICE for it.

NOW....you have some key groups to go and research OP. YOUR leader was NOT Obama, Bush or Clinton, but the BILDERBERGERS. STOP YOUR LIES and tell the truth for a change.
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