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Message Subject If jesus is god who resurrected him?
Poster Handle Ohwow!
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There is not one attribute of God in the Bible that is not said of Jesus. The confusion with most haters of God and His salvation plan is in the statement that Jesus came as a Man - not as God (or better said, the only Godman) - but as a Kinsman Redeemer (the perfect lamb without spot or blemish) to save the called chosen and elected from certain eternal destruction.

Jesus says over and over and over in His Word that He came to do the Will of God. The plan is from Heaven, the plan was to take place in the fallen ruins of a sinful world. As a man, Jesus came to die for the sins of His people, he had to take on the form of a man to do this (see Ruth)

The reason Christians defend the faith once delivered is because wolves have entered in and subtly twist and change the clear meaning of scripture to suit their (the wolves) plan of taking as many Christians as they can to join them in their final assault on God and His Word, to worship a false god and the final man of the hour.
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