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Message Subject If jesus is god who resurrected him?
Poster Handle Muscles
Post Content
Okay, geniuses, I'm gonna tell you this once. Quit your knuckledragging and mouth-breathing for a minute and listen up.

Jesus is not God, Jesus is the Hand of God. Okay, so God has a million times the power of Jesus, but Jesus got some of Gods power to make miracles and such.

I don't know why this is so freaking hard for you guys to get.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18432713

lol... Jesus is Fully God and fully Man.... He is the heart and Word Of God. Thw Holy Spirit is God also. There are three that bare record in Heaven, The father, The Word, and the Holy Ghost...these three are one. I do not expect you to grasp this. but i will give u a hint. "you too are your own words wrapped in flesh". The Father is the original Idea Creator, who speaks the Word from His heart (Jesus is God's words in human form, The Power of God's Spoken Word is the Spirit of his Words which originated from the Father (Idea)They are all one. Everything you see areound you was a thought ast one time which was spoken or written down (In blue print form) The was made physical by someone's hands (or brought into the physical realm from the thought realm)That is the power (Spirit of the original idea anf the written or spoken Word(s). Jesus is literally the heart of God because he says that " I come forth from the bosom (heart) of the Father". It is also written the He (The Father) sent his Word (jesus) and heald them. I am also taking to you by words right now....and its me....I have never seen you but I by my words are communicating with you. therefore I and my words.....are one in the same......Know this and percieve it.
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