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Message Subject anyone have an update on the cause of the Indianapolis gas explosion?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Officials are still not saying, but HERE'S THE STORY:

Root Cause of Explosions...

Building a Housing Development on top of OLD OIL WELLS!

According to this article, the problem is the same across the nation, after oil drilling in the suburbs in the last half of the 20th century...

My guess is that local governments are terrified of the legal mess, and they will try to cover the whole issue up, hoping the casualties and the destroyed families will just fade away into public forgetfulness.


In the early to mid 1900s Indiana was a state where oil and gas exploration and development was in high gear with many oil wells sprouting up in many parts of the state.

Literally, thousands of wells were drilled in Indiana from about 1869 well into the 1900s and oil production continued to be good until the late 1950s. With this in mind it is safe to say that the Richmond Hill subdivision either lies near or on areas where wells were drilled decades ago.
As we have seen with the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico where methane gas was responsible for destroying the rig that released millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf.

The same may have happened in the Richmond Hill neighborhood.

The buildup of methane gas can occur at any time near old oil wells that have been capped and out of production for decades.

[link to uf0news.blogspot.ca]


Anybody know how many of these old oil wells are in Greater Los Angeles?

 Quoting: 13th-Century

This makes total sense.
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