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Message Subject Pope Warns of Doomsday, 21 December 2012? Is there doom around the corner they are planning or something to this date afterall?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

didnt you read the article???

The Pope, reaching out to CATHOLICS and CHRISTIANS, was "merely" "just sayin" ....

"We know not the hour or the day"

Ya know?

For all of those/us that BELIEVE in the Bible, Jesus, the saints and the apostles, Heaven and hell, eternity, and all the things that are christian, this is a message to all to reaffirm your faith, to strenghthen your resolve against the face of diversify, to gather your sheep and be happy, knowing that there is one God, who has told us, that the hour and the day are known only to Him, and that He will come when He is good and bloody ready to, If the world was going to "end" this coming december, (on the 21st ffs) dont you think the upheaval in the world would be just a Tad more upheavily??

Where are the erupting cataclysmic volcanoes?, where is the world war three?? Have we run out of petrol yet?? or oil??

No, what we have got is a lot of CONCERN for our planet which is most definately in a state of disrepair, yea verily we need some damn maintanence. We are certainly living in very different times, times that have "perhaps" never occured before.
This does not mean its over. As Churchill said "this is not the end, it is not the begining of the end, but it is perhaps, the end of the begining"
This quote says it all to me, as much as I would dearly love to see Jesus coming on the clouds, and one day maybe I will, I also am not so stupid as to take a bunch of very ancient pagan thoughts, and even think about compareing that with our modern day science, arts, and culture.

We are evolving or we are not.

Either way we are progressing, regardless of anything.

This progression has been ongoing since the dawn of time.

I see no reason to put ANY faith in "2012" so called "prophecy"

The bible tells you EVERYTHING. and there is no mention of 2012.

We, as surviving members of humanity, looking to the future as a almost scary thing. We see with our own eyes the damage we are reeking on the world. We also see war. Ever civilisation has seen war as war is as human as love.
There have allways been wars, if its a case of a tribe fighting another tribe, or a land of people journeying to fight another, its allways been and will allways be.

We will survive because thats what we do.

And the world will be subdued, because thats what we were told to do, "go forth and multiply, subdue the earth"

Yep, check and check.

Gods plan, for his own reason, on which we may speculate but never be sure, involves pain. The heartache of loss, the anguish of a childs death, the suffering of the disables and blind and deaf.
Pain, pain, and more pain.
"Suffer little children to come unto me"

You know how you take a panadol when youve got a hangover and, and after a while the pounding in your head stops and you say "well thank God at least thats stopped"

Id say gods plan is a little like that, makes us suffer in our jocks and then give us the great holy panadol, to take away our pain.

So our lives really are governed by pain, we feel good, we are happy, we dont feel good we are not. Simple.

There is much more pain to come. Much much more, and lots and lots and lots and lots of misery, with a good dashing of blood, and sadness, and lots of other shit.

If 2012 was real, then what then? We suddenly have no idea what the hells going on. Everything people have lived and died for was for nothing. The whole idea of course, is hardly worth thinking about as it rules out anything we know and replaces it with nothing.

so to summerise, fuck 2012, and start living everybody, love the people around you, do the right thing, be nice to your mother, and well, really, just start living its really easy.

And dont pay any attention to the new age enlightenment brigade because they are just making it up as they go.

They really are.

trust me, Im a doctor...........
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