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Message Subject Pope Warns of Doomsday, 21 December 2012? Is there doom around the corner they are planning or something to this date afterall?
Poster Handle Ohwow!
Post Content
to O.P. Ohwell: there is no mention of
Dec. 21 at all in the Holy See's homily
posted above.
 Quoting: RDprofessor

Thanks for the Pope transcripts. It's even more revealing than I initially thought. His speech alludes to an upcoming event that will include natural disasters and wars of which when they occur, the thing on people's minds will be the only supposed warning they got from Mainstream news - that is, December 21, 2012 and what all these happenings might mean to them as an individual. However the pope's message alludes to justifying these wars and the one to come (being cooked up by Israel currently), which will involve the US and the only motivation that will draw the US into this war will be a provocation by a False Flag, which we all know is based on a hoax. But yet when it happens, the Pope wants you to believe that this is all according to scripture even though it's all lies.

In conclusion, the Pope wants you to believe in the hoax War on Terror which will lead to and escalate into a greater war (WW3) which his christian religion teaches his followers even though it will be based on fraud. He also wants you to believe in the final outcome of where all these wars end up i.e. the return of their jesus.

If fraud, cover ups, lies and manipulation are a requirement to make you adhere to your religious beliefs, what faith have you got in the outcome it promises that it won't be a fraud just as the build up to it is?

I leave you to choose and decide on the fraud of the Christian religion people have been led to believe in.
 Quoting: Ohwell

Hi op, I cant make out what he is trying to say.What the point of it is. I dont think its clear
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27904634

The timing of the pope's message couldn't be any more suspicious with all that is going on with Israel and what all the supposed "nut cases" have been saying about 2012. The government's preparations also alludes to them knowing of an event in the future.

The pope is basically saying that there will be wars and natural disaster in the immediate future and that his followers should accept these events as thy have all been written that they must occur even though there is logical arguments and evidence against accepting these events as normal or occurring in the first instance.

The pope's words being all these fears into another light of which I discussed above. He wants you to accept the fact that the coming war (which will involve the US, a superpower) is acceptable because it is based on the bible, which is no more than an agenda. He wants you to accept the motivation that will bring the US into this war (a terrorist attack on them) as truth even though we know from events since 9/11 is all a hoax and the wars are not justified. My not justified I mean the bible is literarily lying and leading the world into the agenda where Jesus comes to sve them.

If Jesus needs lies to bring about his coming, you should really be worried about the nature of the character of this Jesus people have been sold to believe in because he is no more than a devil and the unaware masses have at this point sold their souls to something they have no understanding of.
 Quoting: Ohwell

It is called a fake apocalypse. They have been setting people up to believe this for a long time. Careful reading of God's Word will prove this. It will be and is hell on earth for some, but it is not of God. It is called a world takeover in the name of Peace, when everyone is brought to their knees begging for a savior, but it will not be of God.
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