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Message Subject Pope Warns of Doomsday, 21 December 2012? Is there doom around the corner they are planning or something to this date afterall?
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
he's trying to promote fear just before the void shift into next dimension
 Quoting: jacksprat

This is what many don't understand. Sticking to the religious programming he offers will makes his followers' worst nightmare manliest in real time. Its different reading stuff from a book and seeing it manifest is real time, and the worst part is that you asked for it.'
 Quoting: Ohwell

i agree with you 110 %

the dimensional shift will be take most people off guard

it will be chaotic for many

others will experience heaven on Earth

and others will experience both
 Quoting: jacksprat

Precisely. He asks his followers to focus on the bible and Jesus. His speech also alludes to his followers accepting wars etc when it's clear especially after 9/11 and building 7 collapse proves that the wars are unjustified. But he wants them to believe the wars especially the one Israel is currently cooking up and which may drag in the US especially after a False Flag is staged. But he wants people to believe this event even though it will be a hoax.
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