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Message Subject Pope Warns of Doomsday, 21 December 2012? Is there doom around the corner they are planning or something to this date afterall?
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
What will happen Dec 21 2012? Earth stops its rotation? How long? Uhh....3 days... ET contactee Tolec states below:
[link to kauilapele.wordpress.com]

The electromagnetic particles that will be flowing & interchanging between the planets during the 12.21.12 alignment will be highly magnified and highly supercharged when they reach Earth. They will penetrate the crust, through the Earth and down into its core.

At the actual moment of alignment it will cause the Earth to pause, and this process will completely transform the core of our planet to a completely new kind of energy source.

This will be the first time cosmic transformational event of this type ever… for a planet. Time will begin to go away, and Earth will continue her evolution & transformation process into becoming a higher dimensional world.”
 Quoting: Solar Guardian

Enlighten me as to how the whole Earth can be plunged into three days of darkness?
<Earth stops its rotation; then wouldn't half the Earth facing the sun receive three days of light?
<Volcanic/comet/meteor scenario could lead to global darkness but for it to resolve naturally that time frame would be years.
<Nibiru or some other planet/planetoids/interplanetary sphere or ship eclipses the sun for a period of three days?
I believe anything is possible, but if you believe that we will encounter three days of darkness at December 21st, which of the above options are valid to you? Or something else? Maybe it will be a spiritual blindness?
 Quoting: Starlighttraveller

I made a thread on contactees who have been told that there will be massive flooding and a mini ice age in our immediate future. Scientists also validate this claim. Obama's initiative with sandy which was about anything but saving American lives but to serve an agenda is further proof of a flooding event that will occur but which they will blame on man made global warming.

What will cause this flooding I am inclined to believe could be a solar max. The sun could possibly go supernova and shut down for 3 days. The aftermath of this is intense volcanic reactions and ice melting and flooding.

So that is one scenario that could trigger all these other events.
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