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Message Subject Do the palistinians marry little girls (like the isralie said)?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Regardless of what scriptures say, who actually DOES marry the little girls and DOES have the male as MASTER (ba'al)?

NO ONE. Maybe afghans. Everyone else is pro-woman SCUM.
Muslims included.

Nuclear war is welcomed, no matter how much money we have, nothing makes up for no sweet little girls to own.

Fuck muslims. They kill the rapist man of the little girl. They prevent men from having the little girls or any women at all in their countries. Fuck them. All countries are pro-women.

I hate islam. It pales in comparison to deuteronomy, which said the man is ba'al master and gives him the little girls.

Also check the metaphore in the deuteronomical history book 2 samual 12. God was angry that David killed the pedophile who took bathsheba in when she was "a little lamb".
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