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Pillar of Cloud Blog Daily Updates....

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 20566260
United States
11/18/2012 07:37 PM
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Pillar of Cloud Blog Daily Updates....
Just found this site, thought you may find it interesting... Looks like an ongoing blog of current events.

[link to anneinpt.wordpress.com]

Here is excerpt from day 5.

Itís been a busy noisy day in Israel on day 5 of Operation Pillar of Cloud. Here are the highlights from the Times of Israel liveblog (part 2):

For the fourth day in a row, Tel Aviv is the target of Hamas attacks, and Iron Dome carries out successful interceptions. Amid rumors of a halt to fighting, Israeli officials tell The Times of Israel that Jerusalem is not currently interested in a ceasefire. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the IDFís campaign will be expanded, hinting at a looming ground operation. The IAF, in the meantime, is targeting key Hamas personnel, and killed the chief of Hamasís rocket program.

Since the start of Operation Pillar of Defense on Wednesday, the IDF has hit some 1,000 targets in the Gaza Strip, with Palestinians reporting 52 dead. Gazan terrorists have fired some 750 rockets at Israel and Iron Dome has shot down nearly 270, including three aimed at Tel Aviv. Israelís death toll stands at three, with dozens more injured, including two badly hurt in Ofakim and three in Ashkelon on Sunday.

User ID: 19590683
United States
11/18/2012 10:53 PM

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Re: Pillar of Cloud Blog Daily Updates....
this is a sign

[link to twitter.com (secure)]