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Subject I just watched the movie "From Hell" with Johnny Depp and I'm baffled and speechless.
Poster Handle UndercoverAlien
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Despite the gore images of Jack the Ripper's victims, I decided going through the movie because of the historic facts and the conspiracy itself, and by this viewpoint I gotta say, it's a MUST see for everybody who wants have a glimpse of the sordid Idol1 apparatus for creating false flags and diversions, amid ritualistic blood sacrifices, and to protect themselves and cover up their tracks at ANY cost.

It's a VERY anguishing movie, with an astonishing performance of Depp, and the Hughes Brothers spare no fire against Ms. I'm still baffled on how this movie even made out to the screens, because it shows acceptance rituals and secret oaths and how high authorities, prominent members of society and royal families are bound together in murderous conspiracies and how they undermine people who make genuine efforts to investigate their crimes, such as the Inspector Frederick Abberline, who are still being discredited by modern writers and researchers of Jack the Ripper's murders, over a hundred years after the crimes.

Matter of fact, most modern writers have worked to discredit the theory that the Ripper was either Prince Albert himself or the main suspect, Sir William Withey Gull, a physician of the British royal family and master M, who's the killer in "From Hell" and reveals at the end of the movie, that the deaths of the prostitutes were actually satanic rituals, despite the original plot created by the queen Victoria, the PM Lord Salisbury and the Ms for killing all witnesses that Prince Albert had a son/daughter with a whore, and the bastard heir as well.

I'm not gonna spoil the movie anymore, in case you didn't see it yet, but definitely this movie will open your eyes about secret societies being the root of all evil on Earth.
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