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Message Subject What is the point in living?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This life is only ONE of many. It is what we do to avoid the boredom of eternity. Can you imagine having to die, then spend efucking eternty sitting on a pink cloud worshiping a god who is just as bored?

Crap, even roasting in that hell of yours would get boring. After awile you are just freaking done cooking. So we recycle with new bodies that remember nothing of our past lives. That is how we stayed entertained throughout time. We probably make bets with our fellow waiting-souls as to what we will do in our next time in the flesh.

In between living chapters we enjoy the fellowship of other people we shared the adventures with. Can you imagine how many men or women you have REALLY slept with? We return to live lives we "deserve" depending on the kindness or evil we exhibited in former lives.

So cheer up. You are living in the most interesting time in modern history. Fight to see tomarrow...it could be exciting. The end will come when it does. Till then, show kindness you would like to have shown you...someday.chorusflowas
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