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Message Subject IDF eliminates another Hamas top official...hijacks broadcasts of Hamas radio and used the frequency to broadcast its own message
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Saw 5 military helicopters fly over in formation today. This is not common in the area. The last time this happen was before the war in Iraq.


 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28030590

yup, we been seeing 3 at a time, a few times everyday, slow running from rickenbacker, then quickly going back hours later. this was going on for 3weeks, even during sandy crap. then bout 5days ago it went quiet. last night, 4 hawks in formation were making the flight back < was creepy shit

they've been up to something all

im about to put a PTZ HD Ipcam dome upside down and put it on motion tracking w motion record.... now it's wouldn't track airplanes, but it would label and track these across the sky... then i'd have a log of how many and watch for changes....

but then again im high, and that means im broke, and therefore never afford the $300 for one, but i could... so could u
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