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Message Subject Why Jesus Hates Christians
Poster Handle Armageddon Thru to You
Post Content
It's always "blah blah blah" with you guys. In case you haven't actually read the bible, the guy did a lot more action than just moving his lips. I'm here to debunk christianity. You THINK you're following christ, but you're really not. Atheists today have more sense than most christians, atleast most of them want a better world and are willing to work for it. I'm afraid the truth is simple. We live in a paradise, a garden. In this garden we played with fire until we got to where we are today. Severely burnt. Life as we know it will change, the world will see the light. It's all beginning with the states of washington and colorado.
 Quoting: King Julian The Boy Prophet

Eternity in Hell scares you little boy, doesn't it? Well, it should, because that is your fate.

You believe it deep down which is why you lash out. It's the demon inside you. Demons don't lash out at Santa or the Tooth Fairy for missed rewards because of bad behavior.
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