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Message Subject Prior to 1948, what was the name of the territory that is now called "Israel"?
Poster Handle recollector
Post Content
Prior to 1948...how long would you like?

How about...2,500 years ago, The Kingdom of Israel.

Is that enough for you, or you expected muslim propaganda answers?

The GEOGRAPHICAL (not political) REGION (not country) was named Palestine.Palestine was a region encompasing from Egypt to Turkey.

IF Syria, Lebanon and Jordan will agree for their states to be DISMANTLED in order to have a country named Palestine, leaded by Hamas...I will than ask Israel to do the same.

NEVER, EVER was a country/kingdom named Palestine.NEVER.

HOWEVER, there was a KINGDOM of Israel, and kingdom itself is a COUNTRY.

So, the ARABS in Israel better quit asking a country that never existed.
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