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Message Subject I can channel dead spirits. I currently am channeling Hitler. ask me a question.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I don't know what to think about all this stuff. Therefore I try to not focus too much on it. Many ancient texts refer to people from other places in outer space and higher realms. Some are benevolent and some are hostile to mankind according to them. So...even if I was in contact with such beings I wouldn't know if they were hostile or benevolent. So when I listen to people channeling and such things I don't give it much weight in my mind. Are we being deceived? Or are we being developed in a positive fashion? It is hard to say. Also...the imagination is an amazing thing.
 Quoting: Integrity101

I understand how you feel. I didn't mention Michael Tsarion's name in the OP. He is a well respected researcher in the occult and and ancient teachings. Even he said ancient writings talk so much about 2012.

The experience and contact I am referring to here is spiritual in nature. If you read my OP and watched the videos, this is pretty much what Senanda, Armanda and Kaoru Nakamaru are saying.

Senanda says, those who live close to their hearts will be contacted.

Armanda says that the beings she was in contact with said that we should let the inner spirit inside of us guide us. She said she was told that the outward can deceive us......and this is true.

Nakamaru said we should clarify the bad things we did to others and when we do so, we can determine the condition of our inner spirit.

Michael Tsarion said that those who dont buy the lies of the world will have invisible forces come to their aid.

So you see that these guys are saying something that is what paying attention to.
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Tell Hiler to go away and bring back John Paul Jones. John Paul has been showing up in my library and I want to know why.
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