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Message Subject NOTE: The EARTHQUAKE activity today. Something BIG is coming.
Poster Handle Serendipitous
Post Content
WHY NOT admit we HAVE our sun's BINARY twin approaching, and STOP with all the "I wonder what could cause all these Earthquakes."

SUCH an Uneducated group of sheeple !
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16389604

If Christ is the Son, and the Sun, what with the whole december 25th having the sun at its lowest point, where it rests for 3 days, before beginning to rise again...

And thanks to the sun the delicate balance of material life is here on earth...

Then perhaps this binary twin star could be said to be...the anti-christ?
 Quoting: NonAlignedEntity

You are on point. The resurrection stories from previous religions/mythology centered on 3 days because it was the description of the Sun's movement during the Winter Solstice.

I'm not sure if the binary star theory will prove to be true but it's interesting speculation. My personal feeling is that the 'anti-christ' is a metaphor for the carnal mind of man (which works in opposition to the spirit or higher levels of consciousness).

Anhedonic and NonAlignedEntity...


They'll never get it, too many years of brainwashing.
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