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Message Subject NOTE: The EARTHQUAKE activity today. Something BIG is coming.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why does this Jesus and God dude want to kill so many people?
 Quoting: Doommincus Maximus

1dunno1 Tis very strange indeedy
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7881469

God doesn't want any to perish. But the natural laws of nature are at play here. God does not defy them, except on very special occasions (He HAS defied them, but only once or twice). The earth now travails like a woman in labor - it was spoken of in the Bible that this would all happen. It is God's warning that worse things will come, and then the judgment, then the rapture. He is trying to wake people up. Many will NOT hear.

Why wars, etc. which kill many? That was introduced into the world by sin through the serpent who decieved Eve (thanks to satan), and then brother killed brother, leading to what we see today, where NO human life seems to have meaning to many. That will end soon, too, as God values each life - HE CREATED US! HE LOVES US!

Try to look outside your own mindset and think about IF it could be true. You are running out of time.
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