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Reality check

Anonymous Coward
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United States
11/18/2012 10:35 PM
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Reality check
1. Global Warming, I'm bringing this one up because Hurricane "Sandy" has breathed new life into the "Believers".

There's two types of "Global Warming Theories"

The first is a serious theory backed by thousands of scientists

The other is "junk science" put out by the UN.

If you don't know what the difference is ( or even worse , you think they're the same thing ) you don't understand the issue.

2. The General

Ok , this is the story so far

General Allen is having an affair with a "fundraiser" named Jill Kelly

Many of Jill Kelly's "fundraisers" are little more than scams where she pockets most, or all, of the money

Broadwell tries to use Kelly's affair with General Allen to blackmail her into giving an interview ( Subject unknown )

Kelly takes the threatening E-mails to a friend in the FBI, Fred Humphries, for help

Agent Fred investigates Broadwell, and sees that Broadwell is logging onto General Petraeus's e-mail account and reading his mail

Fred also sees that General Patraeus is logging onto Broadwell's E-mail account and reading her E-mail.

Because Fred is a personal friend of Kelly , he has been removed from the case.

Here are the "Unknowns"

Did General Paetraeus or General Allen pass on classified information to their mistresses?

Did either General know or suspect that Kelly was pocketing fundraising money and soliciting bribes?

Did Agent Humphries know about Kelly's activities BEFORE he agreed to investigate? ( this appears to be a minor issue )

Does this have anything to do with the General's investigation of Libya?

What was the story/lead that Broadwell was trying to interview Kelly about?

This is one of the times where the truth is a great deal more bizarre than the conspiracy theories.

3.The Israeli /Palestinian conflict.

Same shit , different day.

4.The 2012 election

Yes , there was MASSIVE voter fraud this election and the vast majority of it was by the Dems ...its been that way for the last 70 years.

Until the states can get a voter PHOTO ID past the courts, nothing will change.

5.The Fiscal Cliff

So what happens if Congress can't work out a compromise with Obama?

a. Obama gets the massive tax increases he wants
b. Obama gets the cuts to the military budget he wants
c. Obama gets to blame someone else for both

There isn't going to be a compromise.

6.Economic growth...its going to suck for the next few years

You wont see anything above 3% until

a. The EU gets its budgetary act together
b. The USA gets its budgetary act together
c. Japan gets its budgetary act together
d......starting to notice a pattern?

until the world economy has a currency that ISN'T being destroyed by the issuing nation , the global economy is ,at best, going to barely creep along or, at worst, implode.