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Message Subject Why are some people so hostile here on GLP?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why would you hate another human being you do not even know for posting a thread? If you don't like the thread subject, them simply do not read it. There is no need in degrading another human being just because of their opinions.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13127957

It's human nature of the depraved. Degrading others give the illusion of feeling superior. They can't look within honestly cause looking within they saw lots of dirt and shit, they are the ones who have eyes but don't want to see their own shit, so to blind their own eyes to their own depravity, they lash out at others to get the feeling of trance or ecstasy (the bible called it getting drunk), holier than thou feeling they so crave for, the feeling they need to bury up the depraved feeling. The more they bury up their depraved feeling to the darkness inside their subconscious, the more dirt will come up through earthquakes, explosion of wrath toward things they don't agree or like, especially thought that shine light on their darkness. These are the people who prefer to live in darkness, who will crucify the messenger instead of pondering on the messages.

If they are the people who realize their own dirt and can accept it as it is, they wouldn't be as quick at lashing out at their neighbors. Realizing their own dirt is like shining light, their consciousness, on to the darkness in themselves and the light always dispel the darkness.

The key to deal with those kind of people is to shine light on them. But shining light on them doesn't mean being nice to them, but being truthful, calling a spade (asshole) a spade (asshole), not calling a turd a diamond as they demand you to do. And for the realist, sometimes, to deal with the violent ones, you may need to be violently deterring too.
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