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Similarities between Ormus and the Philosopher Stone

User ID: 15740069
United States
11/18/2012 11:11 PM
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Similarities between Ormus and the Philosopher Stone
Much has already been said about the things Ormus has in common with the Stone.

Its been called the Manna or White Powder Gold and even the Powder of Projection.

But have any of you used Ormus to Project upon the lower metals for the transmutation of Lead into Gold ?

The common key to Ormus and the Stone is Salt.

As an Alchemist iam very familiar with the Alchemical Trinity of Salt, Sulfur and Mercury.

Just as there are many types of salts we do not necessarily speak of your table salt. And we do not also speak directly of the common sulfur or vulgar mercury known as quick silver.

This trinity is representative of your Body, Soul and Spirit.

Salt is the Body of the Stone. Its Soul is the spark found in the primary Sulfur, while the messenger we use to deliever this Soul to the body is the Spirit Mercury.

It is an Earth, and Air and a Water and through our Art is added the Transformitive Fire.

It has been said, all that is needed to accomplish or work is to putrefy a purified salt.

This dead body is without a soul and is hungry for one. It can steal it from minerals or metals.

Some call it a Menstruum. The Solvent that Acts on All Metals.

Its been known as the Alkahest. A universal solvent.

But it is this salt that breaks down the metals into individual particles. Into the Ormus. And it is Sulfur which surrounds the atom.

I call this Purified and Putrefied Salt the Mother Stone. For through Adaptation of Fermentation all the metals can be borne.

Fermentation is an Alchemical Process by which we impart a signature or soul of a metal onto the Menstruum.

You would take the substance and put it in a mortar and pestle and grind it together with shavings of the metal you wish to transmute to and some of your Spirit. This unlocks the metal killing it and releasing it soul of sulfur into the salt. Imprinting it.

Once the metal is dissolved you place everything in a flask and add heat of the first degree.

The Mother Stone is White. And it has the power to break down the metals into individual atoms.

During this process you will see many color changes.

In alchemy terms this is known as the Peacock. You will see it go black then change to purples or blue and green maybe red or violet. But eventually it will pass through all those colors and go back to White.

This same thing happens in the production of Ormus.

This is when all of the metals particles are being broken down into smaller and smaller clusters. The different size of the clusters refracts the light differently and you are shown all the different colors of the peacock.

See figure on right for example:

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Now a Powder of Projection made from Pure Gold will actually turn Red.

It will turn white at first but then if you add more heat it will eventually turn dark red. This is explained in detail in the alchemy books I have been researching.

If you were to ferment the mother stone with silver then you would end up with a white powder of projection.

The Ormus you see people making today is a conglomeration of different types of metals. Some have gold and silver and many of the platinum group metals mixed together.

These were from the sea salts that already had metals dissolved into them.

The Motherstone is a hygroscopic Salt, so that means it will pull sulfur into itself from nearby and impart that nature into itself. It will take on the nature of Minerals or Metals.
Elchemist (OP)
User ID: 15740069
United States
11/18/2012 11:48 PM
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Re: Similarities between Ormus and the Philosopher Stone
Alchemical Reference to the Peacock:

When you find it black, know that in blackness whiteness is hidden, and you must extract the same from his most subtle blackness. But after putrifaction it waxes red, not with a true redness, of which one says: It is often red, and often of a citrine color, it often melts, and is often coagulated, before true whiteness.

[...] There appears also before whiteness the peacocks color, whereon one says thus, Know you that all the colors in the world, or that may be imagined, appear before whiteness, and afterward true whiteness follows.

The Mirror of Alchemy, by Roger Bacon, 13th Cen.

Production of Ormus with Explanation of the colors.

[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]
Elchemist (OP)
User ID: 15740069
United States
11/19/2012 12:06 AM
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Re: Similarities between Ormus and the Philosopher Stone
While it passes from blackness to whiteness, a great variety of colours are observed; nor is it at once perfectly white; at first it is simply white—afterwards it is of a dazzling, snowy splendour.

An Open Entrance to the Closed Palace of the King, by An Anonymous Sage and Lover of Truth, 1645 AD
Elchemist (OP)
User ID: 15740069
United States
11/19/2012 10:54 AM
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Re: Similarities between Ormus and the Philosopher Stone
And many times it shall be changed from colour to colour, till such times as it comes to the fixed whiteness. Synon saith, all the colours of the world will appear in it when the black humidity is dried up. But value none of these colours, for they be not the true tincture: yea, many times it becomes citrine and reddish, and many times it is dried, and becomes liquid again, before the whiteness will appear.

The Root of the World, by Roger Bacon, 13th Cen.
Denis of Oz
User ID: 28488003
11/26/2012 04:46 AM
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Re: Similarities between Ormus and the Philosopher Stone

Ormus is rarely acknowledged as the MATRIX of CONSCIOUSNESS that it actually IS!

MANY people focus on it's Chemical properties, and sometimes it's Metaphysical or Mystical properties, but rarely do they delve into WHY Ormus/Manna/Spirit-Matter has the unique properties that it is becoming famous for.
These are the properties of 'Programmed, Dedicated or Intoned Matter'.

A basic example of vibrational matter is Homeopathic remedies!

Intoned and Imprinted matter is up the scale from these remedies.

In fact, Ormus is a gateway between the realms of physical life and the realms of Spirit. Ormus has many 'magical' properties due to this transcendent nature that it can have. Hence Ormus must be treated as if it is a conscious entity. for, at the top end, a good Ormus actually HAS some of these properties and attributes.

The only 'punishment' for not paying attention to these potential empowering attributes is that you will miss out on it's 'divine' creative potential.

Further, a good Ormus is ONLY as good as the conditions of it's Inception and Birth!

The REAL Power and Effectiveness of a good Ormus product is in it's careful nurturing and the sacredness of it's inception and birth.

By 'Inception' I mean: The starting materials, the tidiness and nature of the Ormus making space, the purity of the minerals and ingredients used and the forward intentioning and TIMING of the gathering of the raw materials.

By 'Birth' I mean: when and where it is made .. and the qualities and people present when it is made and the TIMING of the Ormus making.

AND the Moon, Sun and Stars positions WHEN it is made, (seen astrologically)
AND the qualities of the SPACE - WHERE it is made ..
AND the Music and Sound played WHERE and WHEN it is made ..
AND the vibration and evolution of the people present WHEN it is made ..
AND the Power Icons, Crystals, Pyramids, Frequencies and Dedications made before, during and after the whole dedicated Ormus making ceremony ..

The reason no one reports on these aspects, is that no one DOES these things, or even has an AWARENESS of these important aspects to being a competent Ormus Emissary and Agent.
Ormus 'belongs' to no-one .. and it 'comes through' more in pure form for those who are knowledgeable and prepared.

The Ormus downside: Yes .. there IS ONE!
Since Ormus IS a 'Matrix-of-Consciousness', a radiant reflector of all that goes into it, an Ormus IS going to reflect the evolution of lack thereof of the Ormus maker and their ways.

QUESTION: Do you know your Ormus maker?
A good thing to do is to see video's of them and 'get' intuitively where they are at as a person .. do they have the CLARITY that you want?
Or: Dowse 'where they calibrate' on Dr Hawkins Consciousness scale
Google "Map of Consciousness" and dowse the Number of their level. It should be above 500 on the 1-1000 scale.
Or: Go visit them and have a cup of tea with them (if you can)
Or: Muscle test (kinesiologically test) if their Ormus is Right-For-You!

I have heard MANY stories of home made Ormus affecting people badly when given or sold to others as it 'captures' the essence of the Ormus maker.

The IMPORTANT 2 QUESTIONS with any ORMUS product are:
Do I like the 'vibe' and the evolution of the Ormus maker?
Do I want to have THEIR ESSENCE as a part of my experience?

Denis of Oz sun

PS: I specialise in the liquid Ormus as it is much more easily 'tuned' or imprinted.
Elchemist (OP)
User ID: 15740069
United States
12/09/2012 10:08 AM
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Re: Similarities between Ormus and the Philosopher Stone
The constant and essential Colors, that appear in the Digestion of the Matter, and before it comes to a Perfection, are three, viz. Black, which signifies the Putrefaction and Conjunction of the Elements; White, which demonstrates its Purification; and Red, which demonstrates its Maturation. The rest of the Colors, that appear and disappear in the Progress of the Work, are only accidental, and unconstant.

Aphorisms of Urbigerus, by Baro Urbigerus, 1690 AD
User ID: 45288285
08/17/2013 08:32 AM
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Re: Similarities between Ormus and the Philosopher Stone
Denis of OZ says:
´I have heard MANY stories of home made Ormus affecting people badly when given or sold to others as it 'captures' the essence of the Ormus maker.´

If ormus is made with the cheap grocery store lye (meant to be used for clearing out clogged drains), then it is likely to have mercury as an impurity.
Any lye made from the Castner–Kellner process will have some mercury contamination. Unfortunately this process is by far the cheapest method to make lye and so is still used to this day. Lye produced from the process is unsuitable for laboratory work, or food. But the product is used as a drain cleaner, a little bit of mercury isnt considered a problem.

So ignoring the effect from the essence of the ormus maker, mercury contaminants will cause bad effects on people when ingested.