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Message Subject Things I Look Forward To When The Shit Hits The Fan...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I love what you said. I also am lookong forward to the reality check people are going to get also.

I have lived a very simple life without the fan fair. Hairdoo's. False Nails and Tim Hortons everyday.

I look forward to people figuring out whats important all of a sudden.

I look forward to people figuring out that all that useless shit they bought has no use and they can't eat it.

I look forward to never having to make another Fucking Mortgage Payment to another fucking bank ever again.

I look forward to never having to see another asshole out here in the woods on my mountain tearing up the roads and creek beds throwing beer bottles all over the place and roaring around in useless jacked up trucks that get 3 miles to the gallon that think they are cool also.

I'm looking forward to never having to go out on a date ever again with these controlling, demanding, narcissistic, ego-maniacal, selfish, cheating, dishonest, lazy Men that totally waste my time and think they can turn me into their mother and take care of them and the kids they had with another women because they think thats something I was born to do because they are too lazy to do it themselves.

I look forward to meeting somebody just like you thats thinks like you too.

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