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Message Subject Lucid Dreaming & Sleeping Paralysis
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hey there. When I was around 14 years old the family moved across town into a "haunted house." We really didn't notice until about a year or so into living there. Anyways, at that point I took naps from time to time and experienced sleep paralysis. It was no big deal, just had to move my finger, then hand, then arm and wigggle out. One day however, it happpened and it was more intense. Up until this point the family knew things were not right in the house. So, when I took a nap one Saturday afternoom here pops up this black shadow to the right of me saying my name and that he is coming for me.
I was scared,shed some tears. I fought to get back in my body and after a few minutes was normal. It seemed to be pulling me out. Thats how if felt anyways.I was more intrigued than frightend, however. The following month I went back into that state every day if I had time and saw a few angels and a few other things in the house.
It felt as if I am going to die. It is a crazy scary feeling. I have had a lot of lucid dreams when I was younger. I still have them every once in awhile. I want them to return. So, last week I order a lot of African Dream Root. It's in the mail now. I also ordered seeds to grow in my house. It is used to induce vivid dreams, lucid dreaming, and contact your loved ones that have passed.
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