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Message Subject Lucid Dreaming & Sleeping Paralysis
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I get sleep paralysis now and then, usually as a consequence of cat napping some point during the day / afternoon / early evening, and it's a horrible sensation, feels like you're in total limbo. And when you've had one bout of it during your nights sleep, it's likely that it won't be the last.

When I get a bout of it I end up having to hold on to a handle on the side of the mattress, so I can use it to pull me out of that horrible limbo.

But it's interesting what you say about lucid dreaming occurring when you lose the battle with sleep paralysis, I have never noticed that before, and have had lucid dreams a few times, they're generally shortlived, what appear to be like a matter of seconds before I snap out of them and awake, but the level of detail in the lucid dreams seems amazing, I can focus on a newspaper for example and start reading an article in it.

Maybe I'll have to start losing the fight in sleep paralysis to encounter some more lucid dreaming as they do seem to be rare.

One of things I read about trying to invoke a lucid dream was to read something in your dream, anything that happens to be readable, a book, a newspaper, a sign, a shop window etc., look away and then look back, when you notice the text changes it's an indicator that you are dreaming and if you do it right you can continue the dream knowing full well its a dream and basically conjure up anything you so wish.
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