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ACE SPIKE,covert ops(Overt)

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11/19/2012 12:35 AM
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ACE SPIKE,covert ops(Overt)
This was going to go into the real story of super soldiers thread, but it would not post, so what the heck it wanted to do this so why not, the reason for the strange title is ACE=Army Compartmentalized Element
SPIKE=Specialy Prepared Individual for Key Events


as a side note, ive not gone into Stewart Swerdlow,Preston Nichols and that whole bunch to much, just a little, but so you know there storys are more like training seminars for certain people in the world, they even tell you what its about if you listen.
a network started out as Operation Dormouse with the sole purpose of coverup, as in murder, torture, rape coverups is what it realy became, it was connected to the church hearings and all that, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld were the authors of that. ya its a weird twisted up world, but its getting untangled a bit more every day.

So be careful with whom you think is speaking gospel truth.

Think about this for a moment.

lets say youve listend and learned from someone telling some truths, but you know its not all correct, but you like them or there story's and such.

But then someone comes along that lived it, has proof and never lies about it or embeleshes it all for whatever reasons you can dream up.
But part of what hes saying is he's been attacked and a form of Identity theft has occured, life story's stolen distorted and those distortions have cost lives and nearly my own.

Im not a legg breaker, assasin sex slave mind brainwasher blah blah, no reptilian boobooi.

But i am Pendragon, LIteraly(or that is what some would call it)
You know that real family, that bloodline stuff you all have heard about, im the Apex by birth, there own mouths, there documents, ETC even that lady that claims to be Queen of England has said such things and solidified my Right to Rule her based on rights of succession they like to rant about, that and the gifts some say we have had in the myths of Grail Kings, Fisher Kings, Magical Long Haired Kings, some called us Light Benders even(has to do with time distortions you might say)And what would the gift of having a weopon and shield to smack Lucifer around be, if your going up something that is known as a Light eminating entity, a fallen angel of Light, what would be a good tool to have in this context.
Something that Bends light, Reflects it, Illusions dont hold up well around me when i decide its gone way to far, its one thing when its kidy games or hay check this out, but what some do with there gifts is way out of hand.

Just like if you set a candle in front of a mirror you might be able to shine light behind what is causing the reflection and see who is behind that blinding light, is it Oz.

wise yoda

What ive boiled it all down to, as in what i call whatever it is i know or know how to do.

"Quantum Heart Logic"
you could say all you need to know about it is simple, what is Heart in all its aspects, what is logic, where do they show themselves, what do they show when looked at on a quantum level.
Think with your heart, feel with you mind, give that a try.
ever try.

It is a simple yet effective thing to meditate on, that will sync your heart and mind

the quantum part, well if you can feel with your mind and think with your heart what else could you call it but quantum.

so whats this got to do with Infomercials, well its new to me.

but i did notice Kevin a bit back and though ok this is eitehr a good thing or this is the group of fools i been waiting to pop there heads up.

Just before got his first $$$$Bomb Ax Bones Inwars (software here dont like XX)forum deleats my account, they deleated it right after i posted up my Xrays and the obvouse implants that show up.

PROOOOOFFF, the proof they been ranting about and telling all these storys' with all these guys coming forward yaking yet not one shred of evidence or proof, only thing they got is a buddy or girlfreind and usualy they dont have any 1SFOD, DEVGRU, ISA or any other number of units that someone with an Implant like mine would have.

So there it is a bunch of rich elite typs figured they had a gold mine with me, they got what the needed from a Seal or a Colnel to be able to repress my memories due to conditioning i recieved to lock my mind down if captured.

some thought they could hijack me like some Hakcers do with computers.

then they realized they could still gleen information form me in subtle ways, as in asking for help, running me through a maze.

But it all came apart for them or started to when people started asking me were my money was, how i was doing it.

i could have hooked a tap up to my arse and dispenced alphebet soup.

I should also add, i expected this to happen at some level as we all did in the 70's.

im only after the big cheeses that took the baityoda

what you all thought yoda was the oldest, wtf

maybe im Luke skywalker and Yoda, maybe Yoda is me traveled back in time to teach me, a guy changes after 850 years.

But ya a group of the Elite did not liek the thought of King Arthurs Return, ya seriouse.

as insane as it all sounds at the moment, hear me out.

along with that it fits dont it, that they would try to enslave someone like me.
then theres the politics, power shifts if i ever got public about whom i am and were i come from.

Others already did, so realy my life or who i am, my Identity has been stolen in a very sneaky fashion by a few people.

suggestible methods combined with the identity stolen does not have the real name attached to it, nor the age or many other things, details are a bit nebulouse i mose personal areas in bio-graphical information.

I hope ive outlined some of this well enough as to aleiviate some confusions.

along with that i hope many will also take into consideraton the inhibitor implants and other such things ive had to defeat.

So to you Manifesters out there, the Kevin Trudeua networks ETC give it some thought, how would you be doing if you were up against 29 adepts, then compound that iwth also being up against those that the 29 broke away from.

thats just the tip of the iceberg.

They thought they could contain me and use me to defeat the others, both sides are idiots and fell to the darkside(for lack of better words)

Caractacus (OP)

User ID: 4600249
United States
11/19/2012 01:01 AM
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Re: ACE SPIKE,covert ops(Overt)
to continue the blacklist efforts thoughts.

sorry but i do speak a bit like wise yodaat times, even say the F bomb at times.

I knew i had to come forward at some point, i also knew some out there telling storys were not telling the truth, some may have memorie implants ETC, i could list 10 excuses of the top of my head.

Thing is it does not matter, fact is victim or not, choice or not.

As in they (supersoldiers) talk about having made the choice, its part of you or you would not have allowed it to be that ingrained speeel, and there is some truth to that.

But now i show up, i have that proof of an implant and all that.

I should figure out the picture upload stuff on this so i can show you my xrays i my possesion.

oohya, i can give you a 3 minute video i made for some body doing something on the kool-aid drinkers story's

im wondering if i put up my Fussion center concepts video if that might help, i should sit and watch a few of them to see which ones contain witch sets of information.


back to the issue of other claiments to such things.

So ya, imagine if someone that looks the part, has the proof, has the mind, knowledge base for some realy deep pcyops, pscyops, and a few other things shows up, a nobody alone, no PR campange, no arse kissing, no telling some made up fictional tale, no acting alll covert and suggestive.

just straight up.

as well as saying, hay guys im barely holding on, if your telling the truth i got some seriouse intel i got to get out, and hopefully i can turn the tide on a few things.

You could say, i dont seem to be well liked by that flood of claimants you all may have noticed.

one big question i had for them, especialy now is this.

if you guys have a few details you got somewhere, howd you get them, and why did you distort the story's so much that the real ones got harmed by those that knew enough to put some story together with what they knew and jumped to a freakin conclusion.

Brockbrader, now there is someone that caused me allot of harm due to confusions, jumping to conclusions, and why, because of being in Utah around same time, so from there to hear someone hear made me look like him while whereever Brockbrader went to after prison they made him look like a Navy SEAL working on some realy covert mind warping looking glass stuff.

How much of that stuff is he saying now.

i better stop there because Brockbrader is a whole nother story to go into , onw i dont knw completly but enough to talk trash,,,,,,,,,,,And he owes my mom an apology, she can decide what i might do afterwards.

oh dont worry Brockbrader, my mother is a pacifistic believe it or not people, a real seriouse one, she got pissed me just having capguns,but you never know because what this guy caused due to his crimes and story's, as in if people think you commited crimes the oposite of what you claimed to be about, people tend to realy come down hard on you.

So due to that, you never know, my mom my kick his ass, you see im a bit of a pacifist as well, just a touch, but give me a good reason and permision and its all she wrote.

I gotta be honest, and well i gave him a chance to speak, instead he faked going to jail in Idaho, ya he did time in Utah, his records show that.
but during this last summer when he claimed to be arrested, he was not arrested, he got scarred, had to play another hand you could say,,,,,,,,,there was no arrest record in Idaho or where he is, no booking records, zip.
Then he comes on youtube with a request for bail money, how gullable are people, you gotta pay before you leave on bail, no work arounds, even millionairs have to pay the cash or bailbonds 10%

He texted me just before his supposad arrest.

a coded text you might say, Holodynamics, a russian based thing, most likely oneof there old programs gone private.
my lack of intrest or responce probley told him i was not one in his network or such but maybe the real one.

ya i would be scared if i did what they did and started comunicating with him.

was kinda funny, first i was talking to Eva for a few weaks, bill was bussy.
then he felt alright that he would not be triggerd or whatever, blah blah.

ya they play victims good dont they, yet without admiting it, oh its hard to explain.

but there you have it a breif synopsus of this crap.
Caractacus (OP)

User ID: 4600249
United States
11/19/2012 03:46 PM
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Re: ACE SPIKE,covert ops(Overt)