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Message Subject NOT just numbers !!!!
Poster Handle BRIEF
Post Content

They're muzzies, not people...
 Quoting: BRIEF

and what are you......ohhh an american,so what..you are better than anyone else...BLA BLA BLA.You are doing my head in.
Because of people like you the world doesn't rules.
Try to be cordial and respectful with other Humans,no matter wherefrom or what religion!
 Quoting: meoanam

The Palestinians are nothing but brainwashed haters...they don't meet the criteria for being considered human...kill'em all.
 Quoting: BRIEF

Do as you would be done by!

You must really be over it.I feel sorry for you.
But,now we know your opinion.
 Quoting: meoanam

If a dog has rabies you put a bullet in its brain...same goes for terrorists that lob crude rockets into neighborhoods and schools...
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