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Message Subject I am ~THE IRANIAN~.
Poster Handle ~THE IRANIAN~
Post Content
I am here to answer your questions regarding my country Iran. Go ahead... ask me a question. :o)
 Quoting: ~THE IRANIAN~

how bad are the sanctions effecting your country?

We've been having sanctions for 33 years. We're used to it. The only people having problems right now are people like me who are studying overseas. But the Iranians inside Iran, it's a normal day just like the day before.

is the government the culprit?

All governments are culprits.

does america have the right to impose sanction?

America doesnt have any right to do anything unless the safety of that country is under threat. Is it?

can you blame us though? your government does want to eliminate israel, or so the news says

imagine if people just listened to jesus..

in the quran it speaks of jesus being the christ for a reason...

muhamed was the messenger of allah

allah is the word

jesus christ spoke that word...

is iran ready to rise up against its government again? could the country handle that? would the world support you.

I wouldnt support it neither would i support the western governments. But if a war happens, i will do anything to protect my family.

i worry it wouldn't...

yet the force is strong with you
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