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Message Subject I am ~THE IRANIAN~.
Poster Handle ~THE IRANIAN~
Post Content
1.Are you muslim?

I am not a muslim. But i respect religions.

2.Would you call yourself a full on muslim or just muslim by birth and go through the motions?

A muslim by birth.

3.Do you drink alcohol?

Yes i do.

4.Is alcohol drinking considered evil or do you guys just do it secretly and say whatever.

According to Islam it is not good to drink too much alcohol. You can get drunk and do foolish things. Pretty logical wouldnt you agree?

5.Which of Iran's neighbours do you joke about or hate (I'm Scottish and we hate the English and joke about the Irish as being stupid)


6.How do you feel about the fact that in Christian countries# a lot of laws are being passed not to offend muslim sensibilities, ie, no Christmas Trees, praying to Jesus in schools.

I don't live there so i don't really care. As long as people are safe and dont hurt each other i'm ok with it.

7.Do you like soccer?

I love it. I'm a big fan of Liverpool FC.

Thanks in advance, I have more questions if you want to answer them.

# ie, historically with a majority of the population following Christinaity.
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