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Message Subject I am ~THE IRANIAN~.
Poster Handle ~THE IRANIAN~
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1.You said you're not a muslim...but muslim by birth. What do you mean? You either are or aren't. My wife is Colombian and says she's a Catholic, but doesn't believe in all that. It simply is a wholly cultural aspect of life there...it's a catholic country, you are a catholic. Do you mean the same? Being born in a wholly Islamic country makes you nominally a muslim, wether or not you believe, you have to just join the status quo, and keep your individual thoughts to yourself. If so, is that the same for a lot of you, or is it just younger people?
I support Chelsea rockon
2.Would you be free to act the way you do now in Iran?Turkey is less strict.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14397275

I believe in a higher consciousness, Islam calls it Allah, christianity calls it God or Jesus and... i'm more in to Zen Buddhism :o) Namaste~
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