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Message Subject Hiding in plain sight
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I just went outside for a couple hours and stared at the clear night sky. I wanted to set up a telescope and look at the stars. After craning my neck and straining my eyes I gave up on the telescope. I chose instead to just stare at the starry night with my own eyes. What I witnessed is beyond me. You can call it a vision if you want, but it is not unique to me. Everyone can see this if they look. I thought everyone should be reminded that everything is of God. I am not preaching, and frankly I don't care if you are saved or not. The truth is out there, watching all. Open your eyes, relax your lenses, and quit bickering over the stupidest shit you can't prove. Pardon my vulgarity but I am talking to adults here, and frankly colorful language is where it's at. Tonight, I witnessed the birth of a star, saw a few shooting stars, and found who's really running the show. I actually think the net is designed to keep us from looking into space at night with our own eyes. God's hiding in plain sight. We humans need to turn back to the truth, and away from this garbage we created.
 Quoting: overwhatshername

I do that every night.

I look up and see trillions of big burning balls of DOOM.

Now GOD..being the EXPERT at DOOM..certainly must be the ONLY one who could have thought up a universe composed ENTIRELY of massive fucking HYDROGEN BOMBS!

No wonder satan got jealous and rebelled.
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