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Message Subject Chrome Youtube lag fix
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ok, so the page that Tomoya is referring to is mentioning the Plug-in only once in the Troubleshooting section explaining the error message you get when the plug-in is missing. Such a shame Google that you would:

a) Install a potentially vulnerable plug-in (this is *beta* software right?) to millions of Chrome installations that do not use it
b) Enable it by default
c) Not ask permission for this
d) Not mention this clearly during Chrome installation / update
e) Not document this plug-in.
f) Use a misleading name for it (*)

(*) [link to code.google.com]

You are on a slippery slope using plug-ins in this way. Especially with plug-ins that (potentially) expose the host machine to remote access.


and that was 2011, your on camera for possibly years.
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