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Message Subject What Everyone Needs To Watch About The Middle East!!!
Poster Handle MississippiBlkMan
Post Content
1 star
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28060069

You give this a 1 star because you don't believe in GOD Or the Bible, just like it reads will come to past in the near future.
 Quoting: MississippiBlkMan

Ya, because the world is full of Bibles and Gods. Picking one would be childish.

You just want 5 stars because you don't believe in Ra. The second death is what you should worry about.

"I am the high and lofty one who inhabits eternity. I am the first and the last, and beside me there is no other God."

You follow a counterfeit. You should preach less and study more.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27467395

There is only one God YAHUVEH that I know of But just like the Bible reads many people like you will come along in the distant future denying there's a GOD but I know that Satan/The Devil is the king of lies and is trying to get many souls thrown into Hell which was created for him along with humans which is God creation which he hates. I'm not worried about the second death because I know my faith, whether I get a 1 or 5 star doesn't matter but the truth I speak does and as Jesus said in Mathew 24 the things happening today is what I believe not the things of this earth that you may believe. I know what your trying to do but it's not working because you can't defeat me and my words because I get then from the true God above and in time you will see the truth as well. May you also have a blessed day.
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