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Message Subject What Everyone Needs To Watch About The Middle East!!!
Poster Handle Buck Zander
Post Content
P.S. Before those of you who hate Israel and Jews and call what I say is hate speech you have also been warned in the book of Revelations that will come in the distant future so anything that you say against me is irrelevant because I know where many of your souls are being prepared for. So may you have a blessed day as well.
 Quoting: MississippiBlkMan

That is quite the broad sweeping statement to dismiss, in advance, any opinion which disagrees with your own. First, those who may disagree with your opinion are classified automatically as Jew haters. Second, your own opinion is notarized as infallible and incontrovertible, by you, through biblical scripture. Third, any opinion disagreeing with your own is classified, by you again, as not a disagreement of opinion, but rather an ad hominem attack. Not much room left for debate, is there?

In *my* opinion, there is much more to the regional conflict in question than biblical prophecy. Politics, energy resource ownership and recovery, and further "hidden" agendas are the main driving factors here. It's all about banks, oil and property stakes, in other words. But that's just my opinion, which has nothing to do with my opinion of you, personally, my opinion of the Bible, Judaism, Israel or its people, or any other personifications, for that matter.

"Don't take it personally." - Joe Mantegna
"Everything is personal, if you're a person." - Dennis Leary, Underworld.

See, I do understand how people can take these things close to heart. Personally. We're dealing with a whole lot more people being "touched" by this, however. It's way beyond being just about you... or me.

What the Bible teaches, first and foremost, to opine on your argument, is love and compassion, not picking sides.

The governments, run by banks, are playing everyone against everyone here, for their own gain. Denial and tunnel scripture vision are not going to be the best way to open one's eyes to the truth.

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