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Message Subject How can I stop my son talking to himself CONSTANTLY???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Ease up on him, he is probably still coming off of the psych meds and talking to himself is part of his withdrawls.

A person talking out loud to themself isn't really justification to up the drugs again is it ?

Keep the TV off in your house and enroll him in something that will challenge his energy, like martial arts or even yoga or Tai Chi...
when his mind is engaged and his energies being channeled through this positive activity, his talking to himself will probably stop as well.

Also, does he have any friends that he talks to ?
A support group of people close in age to him, also in recovery ?

Maybe he's just lonely and hanging around Mama too much.

Good luck !
 Quoting: Cosmic Eye Open 7592463

I understand what your saying.My son is also mentally challenged,All that can be done is to love them for who they are.My son refuses his meds too and I cant force him hes 17. I have tried to channel my sons energy for 17 years it dont work. and as far as him having friends, gee when you were in school how many challenged friends did your group hang out with. yea so friends are probably out.He doesnt know why he talks outloud it maybe comforting to him. And if mama is the only friend he has whats wrong with that I cant imagine a better friend.All us mothers can do is love them.
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