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Message Subject How can I stop my son talking to himself CONSTANTLY???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Mirror his behaviour, in front of him, and get him to associate such behaviour with negative outcomes.

For instance, sit near him and start talking to yourself, completely ignoring him, and if he asks a question, ignore it and keep talking to yourself about something totally unrelated. This will make him feel ignored, excluded and invisible, and he may come to associate such negative feelings with the generic behaviour of someone talking to themselves.

However, when or if you see him become too frustrated from being ignored, turn to him directly and look him the eyes, and say, would you like some (say some sort of food, some sort of treat), and then reward him with that treat straight away; he will become to associate direct face-to-face talking with a reward.

It sounds old school and pavlovian, but it is worth a try.
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