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Message Subject How can I stop my son talking to himself CONSTANTLY???
Poster Handle Chris
Post Content
You are a great mother...if not for moms like you...not many of us "normal people" would have made it...I'm not a doctor or even an expert on these kind of matters...I'm a 40 somthing male who works on a tub boat in the Seattle wa area...I have two sons one is 9 the other 15...they are "normal "as well...but when I read your post I had to tell you how how proud I am of you...
I truly wish yiu all the best...keep the love in your heart...It really is the most important thing...(when we go thru our life review...and yes we ALL will) you'll realize some things right away...
1. life was short.(even if you live to be 500 years old)
2.Love really was, what it was all about.
3.I'm sooo glad I hung in there...
4. my son is now 100% and very grateful I hung in there too
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