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Message Subject How can I stop my son talking to himself CONSTANTLY???
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
Now there are degrees of schizophrenia. And some people do not respond to alternatives and even with medicine are still chronic. Years ago even thought about becoming psychiatric nurse, but its very difficult to deal with actually.

There is a difference between accute or chronic and depending on the age of your son, they may not even know. Chronic is something you tell over time.

Accute schizophrenics come and go with symptoms. Chronic is day by day and doesnt respond that much to medication, ie it will calm them down, and make them more pleasant to be around others, and allow them to sleep at night, but it doesnt eliminate symptoms. Medication for chronic manages them.

There are some very dangerous modern medicines, I believe put out on purpose by Big Pharma to kill a percentage of people with these conditions. For example, one of the more modern ones, is often given in hospital so they don't have to deal with the symptoms for both szhizophrenia and for OCD.
It makes them sleep more but they need bloodwork every single week, and their white cell counts monitored and can ruin the immune system and cause heart failure and sudden death.

In addition these newer meds can't be stopped cold turkey, and require slow transfer to other meds, or a person can die from the sudden withdrawals.

If someone needs meds, they can still be on the natural and possibly in the end require less or no meds. But its very much best to look into the old fashioned medications, they have less side affects and you don't require constant bloodwork.

One of the side affects of these meds are weight gain.

Chronic Schizophrenia symptoms include talking to beings that are not their often, seeing angels, people, creatures, like in one woman's case, giant spiders, and witches and demigods such as zeus, and one might argue some of what these people are seeing is in other realms.

Whether you believe in what they're going through or not, they believe it and you need to be from a standpoint of understanding this.

The input signals, where our brain programs analyze light waves, sound waves and then form patterns on a screen in the back of our heads, the movie of the world around us, and our reality. Their is hijacked or altered. What they see is a different reality but its just as real to them as ours is to us. A woman I know saw someone burning her and an instant blister arose on her arm.

David Wilcock in his books and presentation mentions that over calcification of the pineal also leads to this in studies.

Taking melatonin is supposed to help and detoxing the pineal, ie iodide crystals may help. P'aurco tea several times a day as well.

Chronic is very hard on families, and doesnt go away, the symptoms will persist even through meds, and the meds are to make the person more pleasant to be around and be capable of independent or semi independent living. Some people yell and scream and act in extremely agitated ways.

Also, he/she would need to express what they're going through. Ie. if they're having auditory and visual visions, would need to talk about it, they can't have their reality bottled up and not understood, and that can be really difficult.

Training them to write in a journal about it, is good.
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