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Message Subject How can I stop my son talking to himself CONSTANTLY???
Poster Handle Funney
Post Content
my advice: try more social links
do you have friends with kids ? invite them regulary!

you know this condition has 1 important preference:
"social uncompatibility"

they talk so often for the fact, that they need information from others, if they dont get it, they speak to themselves, to be satisfied, to have things SET SO!

they just need to have all addressed at the right place (other oppinions and views are most needed in these moments.. hence the social attitude)


no way drugs pls
my friends kid has the same condition
he talks aloud and wont stop, sometimes he is destructive and destroys toys of his friends, as if they can not play SO..

then they noticed his love for numbers!
they began to play with him as salesmans, they made a little shop with many things, paper money etc.

guess what, he is a lot calmer and seems to be busy with it
when i came in, we play and talk.. THIS WAS ABSENT (he was not full, his attention was jumping around things, but no objectivity.. now it seems very different)


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