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Message Subject How can I stop my son talking to himself CONSTANTLY???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My son is no longer on any medication for schizophrenia (he is supposed to be on injections of clopixol fortnightly but it didn't change anything so I haven't taken him for his injections for the last month). He is on a low dose of Lithium for bipolar but his only 2 bad habits these days is constantly talking to himself out loud & not sleeping at regular times. I don't want him medicated again but we have a psychiatrist appointment on the 28th & if I can't find a way to stop this then they will put him back on psych meds as he is court ordered until the 18th of January. We eat well & I have him on fish oil, B complex, magnesium & zinc. He has put on about 20kg's in 6 months from the psych meds & has no desire to do ANYTHING at all!!
 Quoting: miffed

let me guess...
you were married, then got a messy divorce because you realised you liked ladies more than men

during this time your lovely young son starting changing and got bullied at school?

after you kept taking him to the doctors, they diagnosed him with ADHD and as many other things as they could, you got him to take all/any medication stated by the doctors....then your son got worse, his behavior got worse and he didn't want to go to school....
so the doctor prescribed more medicine, stronger medicine....therapists etc...(or he just shared your therapist)

sound about right op??
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