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Message Subject How can I stop my son talking to himself CONSTANTLY???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hey there, I'm someone who has also been given these meds in the past, and please, please, please, do some major research on what you're giving your kid. The psychiatrist does NOT always know what's best, nor any doctor. Have you tried communicating with your son about meta-topics, or about what interests him?

Sounds lame, but honestly, SMALL doses of marijuana (THC, really) ease schizo symptoms like insomnia and restlessness, but for some it makes it worse.

But please, I'm not another crazy from GLP, I'm speaking to you from my own experience with a multitude of drugs (prescribed from the "all-knowing" doctors) relating to unhappiness and stress caused by the state of the current world.

your son may just be highly intelligent as well. just a guess.
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