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Media: Multiculturalism may not be questioned!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 27811313
11/19/2012 06:31 AM
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Media: Multiculturalism may not be questioned!
PhD student Björn Heron at Mid Sweden University has let interviewing managers at several major newspapers about what they consider to be social problem that can be discussed and what is "illegitimate" issues related to immigration.

Bjorn Heron in one study interviewed 26 executives and reporters at the major media in Stockholm and Skåne on how they respond to immigration critics. This occurred before the 2010 election when the Sweden Democrats were on their way into parliament. Hager summarizes the study in a column published on Journalists website.

"Most said that journalism should be fair, objective and consistent neutral, but this is not really applicable to SD. There are not totally independent of coverage. One reason is that SD driver issues that go beyond what is considered 'legitimate' to like in the Swedish public debate", wrote Hager.

Based on interview responses used Hager of a model created by American scholar Daniel Hallin to measure objectivity. When he had put together the responses of the 26 managers and reporters, he could see that the media can only criticize parts of mass immigration and multiculturalism. Everything beyond this is considered "illegitimate" and should be fought in different ways. Critics of mass immigration feeling well again these methods from the media that usually means keep quiet death problems, but not infrequently also vitpixling, safety, uthängningar, 'quilt by association' and outright lies.

Hager has been based on their interviews concluded that the major newspapers in Stockholm and Skåne are working along this model:

Reduce immigration
Set stricter requirements on immigrants
Banning the burqa

Immigrants rape more than others, Gypsies steal
No to multiculturalism
Muslims are the major threat

[link to www.nordfront.se]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 20134613
United States
11/19/2012 06:33 AM
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Re: Media: Multiculturalism may not be questioned!
Question multiretardism.

But more importantly... Question the lying scum in the media.

They should all be lynched, as the lying prostitutes that they are.