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Message Subject Who Here Has Had A Real Experience With God???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I thought I had.
But then I realised I was just high and having a conversation with a handler.

It went like this:

I left my body and was happily floating in the weightless utopia that is nothingness. Behind me and around me were bodiless spirits. To my left was a well lit heaven, and to my right sat a bitch in front of a screen. On the screen were human beings and she was playing them as if they were a game of Mario brothers.
I profoundly asked why she was putting them through so much pain instead of letting them live their lives by their own choice and she profoundly answered "Because the show needs to go on as it is written".

I grew up with alphabet agencies.
That wasn't your mystical ethereal god I had a conversation with.
It was a behind the scenes puppet master controlling your politicians. Ya know, a living god. I guess the rastafarians got it right.
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