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Message Subject Who Here Has Had A Real Experience With God???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i met god. any description of god in books/religions is ridiculous mockery compared to what it's like to be in god's direct presence. the message is true pure love but human concept of love is a joke compared to the real thing. caught up with sex and expectations. the message is also that everything is okay and going as planned, the soul is eternal and everything is okay.

religion is BS control scheme, lies. the words of power hungry men. forget it. everything is a part of creation so respect it and everybody. not as some stiff rule but when you experience real love and god and see the whole of creation from outside it you can't do evil. when you know you are a part of everything and everything is a part of you in creation you can't do harm to yourself.

religions tell you god doesn't talk to people because of sin, and if you think you talk to god it's the devil. again these are lies told to people by power hungry and deluded humans.

we are here to experience existence in limited perception and awareness. we are not being punished. everything that happens is because of god's will. respect the divinity of all life and know that everything is ok and going as planned no matter how crazy the world appears.
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