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Subject Beautiful Lucid Dreaming Experience
Poster Handle TruthSeer
Post Content
I had the most profound lucid dreaming experience of my life last night (this morning, actually), it didn't really make a lot of sense but it was so vivid and beautiful.

I was standing in a forest clearing (pine forest) which was illuminated in twilight by 3 giant pyramid shaped moons. Every few seconds there was the deep bassy reverberation of the Earth's heart beating which gently shook the trees and vibrated the dust/pollen in the air.

Suddenly the grass next to me separated like a vagina and a Mcdonalds 'M' about the size of an elephant elegantly rose out of the ground and began to float above my head.

I then saw a glowing light coming from deep within the woods, I waited, and to my astonishment Ronald Mc Donald himself came out of the forest, glowing like Jesus. He smiled at me, and I went to shake his hand, but he didn't take it and instead turned around. When he turned to face me again, he was holding duct tape and smiling kindly. I couldn't move for some reason, and he gently placed the duct tape over my mouth, wrist and ankles.

Next thing I know I'm lying in the grass all tied up, totally submissive to the Will of Ronald, which was a liberating feeling. He begins to take off all his clothes (his skin was red and yellow stripy like his outfit) and lather my entire body in what felt and smelt like (so it probably was) moisturizing cream. Then with immense, awe-inspiring strength, he lifted my up by the foot, and began to dip me in and out of the vagina like hole in the ground, and each time he did so, it felt like my entire body was having an orgasm.

This went on for ages, until I think his hand slipped because of the cream... he dropped me down the smelly hole and I woke up. Thoughts? tomato
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