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Message Subject I have found the Arc of the Covenant.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Uhmm the Ark of Covenant is the Sphenoid Bone of the Brain.. So, apparently you are still lost.. VERY LOST!

"First clue was the outer covering of the Tent – it had 3 layers; Solomon’s Temple had a 3 -storied annex on the sides and back; and the brain has 3 protective coverings.
The statement, ‘The temple wall on each floor was thinner than on the floor below so that the rooms could rest on the wall without having the beams built into it’ gave me the clue that we were looking at the cranial bones here, for all the cranial bones lock into each other, supported by the sphenoid bone on the cranial floor.

The descriptions of the curtains in the Tent: ‘fine linen woven in blue, purple and red, embroidered with figures of winged creatures’ led me directly to the pituitary gland because there is a photograph in ‘Behold Man’ by Lennert Nilsson in those exact colour tones , of the pituitary suspended in the saddle-shaped bone, the sella turcica – part of the sphenoid bone at the very base of the skull. In both the descriptions of the Tent and the Temple the Holy of Holies that housed the Arc was built at the rear of the structures.

Exodus describes that the altar in the Holy of Holies has square proportions – as does the dorsum sellae in the sphenoid bone configuration.
(from Grays Anatomy) – ‘there is a cube-like bone in the brain in the formation of the sphenoid which lies in a central position between the ethmoid and occipital bones’ The sphenoid is called the keystone of the cranial floor, for it locks everything into place – that takes us back to our Level 2, Lesson 13 where we describe the temple with the keystone on the floor, the Initiate (ourself), and the Kundalini Initiation, which involves the transformation of the human to the Divine."

[link to www.gardenof-eden.com]
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