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Message Subject I have found the Arc of the Covenant.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Montpellier During the XII century, the Templars used this city as a resting point on their way to the Holy Land and had a large fortress there La Couvertoirade

1295 St Roch patron Saint of plague Born at Montpellier His father was governor of that city
1293 Templar Grand Chapter meetings were convened in Montpellier by Jacques de Molay their last grandmaster
1307 Templars dissolved by Pope Clement V
1314 Jacques de Molay last grandmaster execution by burning in Paris
1315 st Roch leaves montellier on journey to Rome
1322 St Roch returns to Montepllier and is imprisioned but brefuses to disclose identity
1327 Saint Roch's death
1347 bubonic plague hits europe killing a third of the population
1521 Jean Dinocheau builds a small chapel
1653 Louis XIV lays first stone in elgise st Roch in Paris - the area is pague ridden

'There is the Rue Royale-Saint Roch! All the decent and clever people in Paris gather there. To find the door opened to you, it is not enough to have a title or to be a savant; one must also be good. It is there that exchange is secure. It is there that history, politics, finance, belles-lettres and philosophy are discussed. It is there that men esteem each other enough to contradict each other. It is there that the true cosmopolitan is found." Diderot, Oeuvres, X, 378-379.

Pile of sand my arse
 Quoting: Humbug 8505935

like i said the ark of the covenant lies where the floor is different from its neighbors.

sorry but you are wrong.
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