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CURACAO is EXTRACTING CRUDE OIL from their GROUND without the PUBLIC knowing

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Netherlands Antilles
11/19/2012 12:08 PM
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CURACAO is EXTRACTING CRUDE OIL from their GROUND without the PUBLIC knowing

Morning to all of you my Brothers and sisters A good week for all of you.


Today, I DECIDED to tell the TRUTH of all the TRUTHS I have been posting which Had to do with OIL and GAS.
As I said, you don’t need to believe, but I will explain because each one of US, think we can HIDE the TRUTH.
You have to remember those who have HIDDEN this are afraid that PEOPLE will find out, and those who
NOW KNOW the TRUTH, and are With the GROUP are thinking what they will GET SOMETHING to be QUIT and hide
it from the rest, And there are OTHERS which know The TRUTH, but are SCARED to tell the TRUTH, and are HOPING to get something from them.

OK before I will explain what is going ON, you all on EARTH are fighting and TAKING other Things from each other.
YES Every Group which has much POWER or INFLUENCES over the OTHER will do what is in their AGENDA, to take possession Of what OTHERS Have. IT is still going on in the WORLD, where we CREATE FALSE situation to cause WARS,
and bring TURMOIL in COUNTRIES and in the world. ( Look at ISRAEL and GAZA)

Here in CURACAO is the same will happen.

As I SAID I do know that we HAVE many WELLS where OIL is being EXTRACTED ON CURACAO.
DID YOU KNOW THIS? They were HIDING this because this would IMPLICATE MANY who have done this without THE LAWS in PLACE. BECAUSE it belongs to the PEOPLE, and you cannot EXPLOIT it without TELLING the PUBLIC of CURACAO.

They hidden this for many YEARS, and all this DRILL Stations which were station in curacao, were here to do their DRILLING, do you REMEMBER many came to BOCA SAMI. Well we have a WELL located at that LOCATION which is used to SHIP CRUDE OIL to many location to Be processed. There are MANY MORE WELLS which are located all around the ISLAND.

PDVSA isla knows THIS, but is trying to get part of the Business Processing of the OIL also, by Improving their RAFINARY.


Most of you who are collecting the PROFITS don’t want the REST to know, THEY ARE TRYING to keep this from the PUBLIC.
But as you all know there is an OTHER group of the (ONW) One World Order, is trying to put every country in DEBT, and try to throw down Every Government to put them in disarray and in DEBT.

Many of this LEADER like Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and may other are still ALIVE. Because they were not DOING what they Had to do, they were REMOVED not killed. There are many people which they said DIED are no DEAD, Like Michael Jackson, Tupac ,Natalee Hollaway is also ALIVE.

They are DEALS being made with ARUBA to still use their REFINERY, to PROCESS the OIL from our GROUNDS.

So as I said I have seen them SPRAYING CHEM. TRAILS on your ISLAND, Yesterday and they have they PURPOSE, what they are PLANNING. As I said they don’t want the REFINARY to be active, because this is not part THEIR AGENDA. Those who are thinking that THEY Will allow them To CONTINUE with these ACTIVITIES must thing what they are doing.

They have Plans to destroy the OIL wells ,and the REFINARY, and the OIL delivery Infrastructure, like they did in VENEZUELA.

As you know we have a FOL US base which has DRONES also, there possibilities they will use a WEATHER WAR FAR MACHINE to BLAME the DESTRUCTION which they DID THEM< self during the WEATHER situation they will started them Selfs. So we would THINK is NATURE.

You can GOOGLE “ HAARP” and understand what really is going on. LOOK at SANDY which was also created by the ELITES, to bring DESTRUCTION Upon NEWYORK, NEW JERSEY, and Staten ISLAND.

MY Brother and Sister, You do your HOME WORK, and be PREPARE for the WORSE.

Have a blessed day,

Ronald Wederfoort
IT Business Consultant
5999 5156118


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