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Poster Handle Him Again
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Woo HOO this made my day! Hunters 1 Libtards 0!

I'm waiting for someone to take down a military drone! That will be a day to celebrate! Seeing a animals rights drone shot down is a worthy replacement and almost equal in nature for me though!!!

Good job to whoever shot it!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9581395

Ahem. Have you seen these 'hunters' in action? They basically stand back about 30 - 40 feet, load up the old 12ga and open a box with a pigeon in it. The bird flies up about 3 feet before the 'hunter' blasts it. GREAT FUN!!! I don't understand why they even bother opening the box. Why not just blast it in the box? That would be even MORE FUN!!!

Yet, when people say that it's inhumane these 'great sportsmen' who are 'hunting' get all bent out of shape. One of those great humanitarians even ran his car into somebody taping them drive in to their 'hunt' club. What wonderful people. They probably even go to church!

Why don't they shoot clay pigeons? Because then they don't have the power of life and death in their hands, and we all know how fulfilling it must be to mercilessly blast cornered creatures. What brave sportsmen they are. Yeah, it's 'legal'. phhhht

What a bunch of dickless cowards.
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